YouTube Audit

Is Your YouTube Growth Stagnant?

If you have over 1,000 subscribers and don’t know why your channel isn’t growing faster and bringing in more revenue for your business, apply below for an audit.


Grow Faster on YouTube

YouTube Channel Audits

For channels over 1,000 subscribers, our channel audits help you identify SEO-based growth opportunities and optimizations for higher ROI, impact, reach and profitability.

What to expect from a YouTube Audit?

YouTube audits take 4-6 weeks to complete after our team is granted Manager access to your YouTube channel.

Once you reserve your audit, you will be prompted to set up your initial onboarding call with Liz to go over the specific details of your business and how YouTube can best help you grow faster with video.

After we get a snapshot of your business and goals with YouTube, we then complete the 4 steps outlined below.

Upon completion, we deliver a comprehensive YouTube Audit Report for you with all opportunities to:

Increase subscribers

Increase views & watch time

Increase leads & revenue from YouTube

Optimize your overall video marketing systems

Improve your website and channel performance

Improve your website and channel search rankings

Decrease your video production and administrative time

Decrease your overall content confusion


Phase 1

Channel Cleanup & Opportunity Identification

We will scour your current analytics data and the content you currently have on your YouTube channel to identify both content opportunities and any glaring red flags that are preventing your organic YouTube growth.

These opportunities and necessary cleanup items will be delivered to you in a written document with step-by-step details as to how to correct them.

You will receive:


Channel Audit Task List

Learn how to optimize your channel with a detailed list of any technical issues we find, plus how to fix them


YouTube Channel Audit Report

This full-scale report includes a comprehensive overview of your biggest channel and content opportunities


Team Trainings & SOPs

Get access to our YouTube optimization templates, team SOPs, and workflow optimization trainings.

We provide areas for improvement (with task lists of how to implement them), competitor analyses and suggested video recommendations, several high-traction keyword reports based on your specific niche, 8 future video recommendations (Titles, Descriptions, Tags & Thumbnails are done-for-you), a list of any videos you should change or remove, general channel optimization recommendations, thumbnail & channel branding materials, and unique YouTube growth recommendations based on your business.


Phase 2

Competitor Research and Advanced Topic & Keyword Analysis

During this audit process, we will also perform competitor analyses to identify new opportunities for growth that utilize YouTube’s recommendation and ranking system.

We will provide a sample list of videos to create for better optimization, more views, subscribers, revenue, and sales.

We will also do a detailed website analysis for any landing pages linked to your channel, including keyword analysis and advanced video topic research that pulls together the following info:


Relevant keyword lists to include in your video Titles, Tags & Descriptions so people can actually find them


Target demographic and viewer avatar information


Website and channel opportunities for organic reach


Phase 3

Channel Branding & Optimization

Many people are unaware that their channel packaging (including titles & thumbnails) matters a great deal to the YouTube algorithm.

We will provide sample channel packaging for you during this audit to help optimize your thumbnail design process.

We will also provide several systemized checklists to help ensure your channel is fully optimized for search and recommendation traffic moving forward.

This includes optimizing your:


Default upload settings


Standard upload procedures


Current and future titles, tags & descriptions


Community settings


End screens and info cards

and more…


Phase 4

Delivery & Implementation

Once we have done the preliminary research and create your channel strategy, we will deliver a full-scale YouTube audit report with all our findings for your review.

Inside this report, you’ll receive our advanced content suggestions (i.e. what to add to your channel) plus all of the keyword and content information mentioned above.

Though the audit itself does not include the implementation of the detailed plan, we do offer the option to roll your audit cost into our “done-for-you” channel management service should you choose to continue with us for the implementation process.

If you have your own in-house team, you will be able to simply deliver this detailed report to them so they can start making these necessary fixes on your channel.

Once your video marketing analysis and YouTube channel audit materials are delivered, you have one final 30-minute follow-up call for additional Q&A to answer any questions or challenges that come up during execution.

If you have any questions, please contact

Client Results

We gained over 150k subscribers and went from $2k/year in Adsense revenue to earning over $50k in Adsense in just 6 months of applying our audit strategy! Liz and the Vidfluence team are true YouTube experts.

Their data-driven approach is extremely helpful for entrepreneurs, especially with teams.  

Chalene Johnson

8-Figure Entrepreneur, NY Times Best Selling Author

Thank you for all of this wonderful information! It’s certainly been a huge learning experience for us.

Within the first 30 days, we got 10k new subscribers just by making the recommendations you gave us. Now we have a system set up that we can repeat as we continue to grow.

T Harv Eker

Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker

Working with Liz and the Vidfluence team has been the best decision we’ve made with YouTube! In a little over 6 months, we gained over 100,000 subscribers after years of no growth at all.

We learned so much in the audit process and started implementing right away with Liz’s help and direction, and we’re very pleased with the results!

JJ Virgin

Nutrition Expert, TV Celebrity & Fitness Hall of Famer

I can’t recommend this audit enough. Our channel had reached a plateau, but through the audit, I got very specific videos & keywords to target and learned how to clean up and optimize my channel for YouTube SEO. One newly optimized video is now our 2nd most-viewed video, with over 50,000 views!

Cam Adair

Founder, Gamequitters

Before we did a YouTube Audit, our most popular video was a safari video about rhinos… which needless to say, definitely wasn’t helping our business grow! By applying the audit suggestions, we saw a 42% subscriber growth and our total views went up by 114%

Our organic traffic from keywords also saw a 45% growth rate. Liz has been great to work with and I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to grow and monetize YouTube.

Jesse Eker

Marketing, T. Harv Eker International

I had no idea how to do YouTube before, and this audit helped me with all aspects of it. I’ve almost doubled my subscribers just in the first month after implementing the audit strategy. All of my analytics went up across the board, I surpassed 10k, and I can finally monetize!


Jen Esquer


Just passed 40,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel! We didn’t pay attention to YouTube at all until a couple of months ago…

We started at 5k subscribers at the beginning of the year. Thanks for all your help and guidance in growing this channel! Your audit was legit, I’ve already told others they should do it.

Chandler Bolt

Founder, Self Publishing School

This audit was very helpful! We learned so much about YouTube strategy. The organic growth insights we received throughout the audit process from Liz and her team were incredibly valuable to us.

Since we started implementing the audit recommendations, we’ve added an additional 50k subscribers to our audience and are very pleased with the growth!

Rob Walling

Founder, MicroConf

By following Google Trends and our YouTube Suggested Video recommendations included in the audit, Sara and Alex James gained millions of new organic views.

They also got thousands of additional digital product sales, attracted over 115k engaged subscribers, and generated over $17k in AdSense revenue.

Sara & Alex James

Owners, Custom Crafted Vans

Gained 115k+ subscribers and over $17,000 in new revenue

This channel also saw a 314% increase in monthly AdSense revenue from the additional views.

By simply adjusting a few video titles, tags, and descriptions with our YouTube SEO process, they were able to triple AdSense revenue nearly overnight.

+7,786 new subscribers in just 30 days

Our YouTube SEO strategy enabled one health blog to have a significant monthly spike in views, site traffic, leads and subscribers.

They’re now generating 14-19+ new, targeted, evergreen leads per day.

Ready to Grow?

YouTube audits will give you an exact plan to clean up your channel to make it more profitable. We show you exactly what’s missing and where to go next, ensuring you have a system that puts YouTube to work for you.